Festival Titling

48 Festival Titling

One of my most recent casting sessions has been  Festival Titling. This face was designed by Phillip Boydell  for the 1951 Festival of Britain and was used in much of the associated advertising and official literature for the event. The ‘Hell-Box’ is fortunate to hold the matrices for 60 and 72 point in addition to the 48 point seen in the photo.

The casting was initiated by the need for additional type at Michael Passmores ‘Yew Tree Press’ in Maidstone, Kent. Michael was the previous owner of  our Monotype Super Caster and Composition Caster which he saved from Staples of Rochester over 20 years ago. The type is to be used for a keepsake for a ‘Wynkyn de Worde Society’ meeting later this month.

I have also been able to provide Phil Abel of  ‘Hand and Eye’ letterpress with a  small fount of this classic, quirkly face. I look forward to seeing it used by Phil in the future.

Phil has recently acquired a Monotype set up of his own, but does not hold the mats for this face. One feature of the face worth noting is that the ‘O’ and zero are ‘to my eye’ indistinguishable as pieces of type. There are mats for both present but no other markings to indicate which is which. I leave it to Michael and Phil to decide. It may be slightly (or even blatently!!) more obvious when printed and compared with the specimen sheet.