Our Equipment

1960’s Technology Today….

Letterpress Works is a throwback to the days when ‘hot metal’ was king, when letterpress was the primary printing process. Our collection of fully functional typecasting and printing equipment has been rescued from the scrap man over a number of years, restored and given a new lease of life to meet the growing demand for quality custom letterpress printing.

This is our line up……………………

Line casting equipment

  • Intertype C4
  • Ludlow Typograph

Type casting equipment

  • Super Caster
  • Composition Caster

Our Printing Presses

  • Gietz 60 18″x12″ Powered Hand Fed Platen
  • Stephenson Blake 225 powered Proof Press (24 1/2″ x2 1 1/2″)
  • Frontex AII Auto Stop Cylinder (17 1/4″ x 12 1/2″)


  • Ideal Guillotine
  • Hand Round Corner machine
  • Marshall 5 Hot Foil Blocking press
  • Hand Eyeletter
  • Hand Creaser
  • Small saddle stitcher


  • Funditor SuperSaw
  • Gas smelter and various ingot moulds