Leads and Rules

Although the Super Caster is capable of casting leads and rules I find it much easier to buy mine from Andy Taylor who has two Elrods up and running at his works in Brighton.

These wonderful machines can cast strip material from 1 point to 36 point: leads, rules, clumps and plate mounting material. Cast from linotype metal they have superbĀ  flexibility that the Monotype machines cannot provide…just like the compositors of the last century would have used but BRAND NEW and shiny!!

He is happy to provide any quantity from a 12″ strip up to a tonne or more!! He will even accurately cut to any measure you specify, and, in the case of rules, can pre mitre the corners to give a truly professional appearance.

Why not email him at:


He can then send you a list of the range of strip material he can cast to order.Many items are available ‘off the shelf’ for same day dispatch